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Making a Lobelia Tincture

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L. erinus is purportedly good for cancer and pain. I've only used it topically on some broken blisters and it worked well for decreasing the pain. It's on my rather long list of plants to experiment with and learn more about.
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How to make a bibliography
Students use different literature from multi-volume monographs to Internet resources. Each of these sources has its own style in the list.
One volume edition
You can use one or more authors. If one, then you need to indicate the name of the author and write the name of the source. The surname is followed by initials and separated from it by a comma. After that, information essay writer free is written about which publisher released the book, in what year and how many pages the source has. If the source has no one author, but several, first of all indicate one, and then the rest. Use the designation "and others." when the source has more than three authors.
Multi-volume editions
Indicate the number of volumes, the number of the one used in your work and the name of the source.
Periodicals: yearbooks, newspapers and magazines
Order of indication:
  1. title;
  2. year;
  3. month of publication/number.
If the book includes a collection of articles, the description includes information about the article first, then about the book. The symbol "//" is used for separation. At the end, the pages of the desired article are indicated.
Internet source
A link to the source is indicated, a label is placed that indicates that it belongs to an Internet resource.
Thus, we examined how the list of used literature in the control work is compiled. What is included in it, as well as the sequence of application. Do not neglect this important point in your work and immediately include sources according to the rules indicated above.
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