"Green smoothies make my stomach hurt"

OK, food is good...not so sure about that other thing.
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My 13 year old and my 11 year old both say (and have told me periodically over the last two years) that their stomach hurts right after they drink my green smoothies. I'm wondering if any of you know why that might be? I know they don't like them, but they aren't liars and they have complained (not every day) of the same thing ever since we started green smoothies.

And are any of these prone to cause stomach aches? Here's the ingredients I use (not all at the same time):
Fennel leaves and root
Beet leaves and root
Purslane leaves and root
Mint leaves
Stevia green leaf
Chamomile flowers
Himalayan salt
Chia seeds
Magnesium water
Raw whole milk kefir
Filtered water
Dandelion root and leaves and flowers
Hollyhock leaves
Mallow leaves, stems, and cheesies
Oregano leaves and stems
Echinacea flowers
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Doc Jones United States of America
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I find green smoothies can be a little aggravating to an empty stomach. Have them eat something before or during.

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Depending on the quantity the following strike me as being on the harsh side:


Have you tried ALL FRUIT only with them?

Have you tried an elimination effort to narrow down the suspects?

Does muscle testing work for you?
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1. Tightly pack 2 cups of leafy greens in Adele's weight loss story in pictures - what a transformation a measuring cup and then toss into blender. 2. Add 2 cups of water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone.
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When I use cilantro I use about one handful.
When I use oregano It's about 2 T (coarsely chopped and dried) per 5 cups.

We have done all fruit in the past and there were no tummy complaints. But I want to get the good veggies in them. They eat fruit much more readily. In my green smoothies I try to get over 50% veggies and herbs into the drink.

I'm working on the elimination thing right now.

I am not able to do muscle testing on others. I'm just now learning to do it for myself and I'm such a novice that, no, it's not an option at present.

Thanks for the ideas. It prompted me to learn muscle testing faster. I hope I can. If you have any helpful practice ideas I'm open.

LedaBunny: I use a high power blender and seldom have chunks or leaves left when we drink it.
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DO NOT force the higher concentration. Be gentle and be slow. ANY you put in will be good. If you force it you could make the situation (physical and emotional) way worse. PATIENCE.

Again, look at elimination issues too. Maybe it is only ONE of the things you are adding that is causing the issue.
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Since we're talking smoothies, you have to see this photo my daughter took of a smoothie she made. :roll:
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Joshua Parke
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Perhaps you could look into food combining?

Through my research, and experience that would agree, we are more similar to frugivore primates than the herbivore land mammals. My first thoughts would be to make them fruit smoothies, and allow them access to salads during "dinner". Your children will most likely have higher IQ's than any of their peers if allowed to eat as much fruit as they want. Then they will most likely crave the greens as they need them...if they're eating salty foods though they may never reach for the salads. When I cut salt out I began to enjoy celery.

If you are wanting them to eat their greens then maybe look into some tasty healthy salad dressings that they like and serve salad at dinner?? A benefit of eating salad for/after dinner is that all that fiber can be good to help keep low fiber foods moving through the system. ....school lunches..??..yuk

Kale and collards are two that stand out to me as being "harsh" on the digestive system. I don't enjoy eating either of those two because I find them gross, and they have been known to upset my stomach as well. I prefer the softer greens and when I want a dark rich green I prefer baby spinach over grown spinach. Another one in your list that is drawn to my attention is the beet. From my experience beets can be strong detoxifiers to the gut.

One last thing....juice the greens, with some fruit to make it tasty, and see if it still upsets their stomach.?

Just some thoughts.
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Thank you Joshua! This is very helpful. I have recently been trying the elimination method to see what bothers them. I may have ruined them for life with green smoothies because they will say that every smoothie gives them a stomach ache. I might have to stop them all together, and make sure they get veggies in meals and snacks (more than usual). I had no idea about collard, kale, and beets. I sure appreciate the info, helps, and ideas. Thank you.

Also, as a side note to anyone that might be interested: A week ago my Blendtec, smoothie blender, had a problem with "overload" but there was no overload in it. It help simple smoothie ingredients. I called Blendtec and their customer service was amazing. I received a replacement base yesterday. I love my Blendtec for smoothies. (Not so much for herbs though.)
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