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Next Hands On Class? Or Next Herb Walk?

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Post Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:35 pm

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I have finished all the modules and am making my personal materia medica to use as a reference for myself and my business (I hope to be branching off and making tinctures as an additional product line).

But I am really interested in going on herb walks and doing the workshops either here in the Treasure Valley or the Magic Valley. Any planned future events so I can put on my calendar? Don't pick May 17th or Mar 23 because I will be out of town!! But I am totally flexible other times (I was just no way in heck going to travel all the way to Shelley, ID in FEBRUARY when the roads are so bad especially coming back from UT last month on I-84 we slid on black ice all the way across the road at 80 MPH which still has me shaking and it wasn't even snowing).

Also, if we could have it earlier than 7pm when we do have it :) Those are my requests.... if they can be met or not ;)

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We will be having activities in Buhl soon. Maybe you made it to our event in Boise?

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Here's the Calendar . :)

Calendar of events

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