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kidney stones

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Post Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:58 pm

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I have a friend who is struggling with kidney stones. What/how would you go about treating this? Thanks.

Post Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:33 am
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We have a product called Kidney-S in the store.

http://homegrownherbalist-net.myshopify ... -s-formula

You can either purchase that or see the herbs that are used to make that up.

Post Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:43 pm
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Here is an outline of the ingredients in that Kidney-S Formula and what they're doing:

Gravel Root - Dissolves stones
Dandelion Leaf - Increases urine output to flush the system
Lobelia - an antispasmodic...Relaxes the micro muscles of the ureters and urethra to allow stone passage
Marshmallow - soothing demulcent to decrease irritation and inflammation of the urinary tract
Parsley Root - disolves sotnes and increases urine output
Ginger - warming and stimulating as a catalyst for the formula

So, let's do a little exercise...

Suppose you had a client with a stone and had none of the herbs listed above. What could you substitute to get the same results?

Post Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:54 am
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Juniper comes to mind immediately. Will have to dig deep for any others since the formula is pretty comprehensive.
Yarrow is warming.
Valerian is a relaxant.
Mallow grows like crazy in my yard, for the demulcent.
The diuretic is the only one that escapes me at the moment.

Post Wed May 01, 2019 3:34 am

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Years ago I've had 2 stones "retrieved" yet managed to pass a third one. Next week I go for a CT Scan to confirm size/number of stone(s) in my left kidney so would like to try the Kidney-S formula but have a few of questions:
1. Just curious as to how Gravel and Parsley Root dissolves or breaks up the stone (I believe I have Calcium Oxalate Stones which are most common but I thought they don't normally dissolve) Any idea as to the chemical reaction taking place?
2. When I researched Gravel Root I found information on WebMD (yeah, I know...) that said it may be likely unsafe (Liver damage) unless “hepatotoxic PA-free”; is this another over force feeding rats causes issues type of thing similar with Comfrey?
3. The SHOP has various type and measures of the formula; I presume all types should be effective but not sure which to order since there's no direction on how much to take how often. For instance if I order the 100 capsules how many do I take how often per day? Maybe 5 capsules 4 times a day provides a 5-day regimen or is this too much for too long?
Any guidance on dosage recommendations would be appreciated.

Post Wed May 01, 2019 4:48 pm
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The formula is now called Kidney - NoStonz

Post Thu May 02, 2019 7:31 pm

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Yes, that is true. What is the suggested daily dose? (of the 100 capsules size)

Post Fri May 10, 2019 12:12 am
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Capsule portions are 4-6 caps twice a day.

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