Herb-Talk Is Not A Democracy: Read Before Posting

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Before posting on Herb-Talk, please understand the following...

Herb-Talk is not a democracy. It is a privately-owned property managed as a benevolent dictatorship. It is not a place where you can say whatever you wish in any way that you wish. Participation here is a privilege, not a right.

Herb-Talk has two primary purposes:

- To be a place where folks can be educated and entertained
- To support and promote HomeGrown Herbalist, LLC and its programs and publications (Yes, I'm a capitalist).

To that end, I have no tolerance for the following:

- Profanity, obscenity, rudeness, bigotry, criticism of other forum members, racism, whining, or other negativity.
- Posts that contain incorrect or dangerous information
- Posts that have no other purpose than to promote businesses that don't relate to the interests of the forum
- Posts promoting the use of herbs in paganism, wickinism, or witchcraft. Take it somewhere else.
- Posts promoting the use of plants currently illegal under federal law (ie...marijuana).
- Religious proselyting
- Posts fomenting revolution or violence
- Posts I don't like


Herb-Talk has several moderators. These good folks do what they can to keep the forum organized, interesting and friendly. They do so without any compensation and I'm grateful to have them.

The moderators have full discretion to edit or delete posts as they see fit. They have full discretion to move posts to more relevant threads or to start new threads to prevent excessive thread drift.

If you put something inappropriate in your post, it will likely be deleted without comment. If you continue to post inappropriate things, you may be warned by the moderators or simply banned from the forum.

Think of Herb-Talk.com like a magazine. All submitted "articles" (posts) are subject to the approval of the owner of the magazine. Submitted articles are also subject to editing should they contain content which the owner of the magazine does not wish to publish.

Those who find themselves unhappy with the constraints of this privately-owned and funded forum, and who want absolute, unrestricted "free speech", may avail themselves of that wonderful and inalienable right by spending lots of their own time and money and starting their own forum. :)

Happy Posting,

Doc Jones
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