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search advices in deseased lemon cucumber plants and their f

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*their family
hello. its the first year i get to use land space and grow and compost...thank god.. not my yard not even part of my rent
since end of winter.
the yard was never worked and was sprayed by other with herbicides previous years
though when i started it was green already . its full of bugs.
the climate zone herer i think is 9. usually rains start only in 2 months and are moderately!
i planted lemon cucumber late as i saw a suggestion on it and took time to order seeds from far
it grew very necily till lately all the plants became very ill. also the watermelons..that actualyy i finished all 4 that grew sorrounded with nets from first day..if i didnt wrap them first day-they were eaten by bugs
that "lemon cucumber i got one that wrapped in net finished great veggu, another was full of worms
now the green leaved turned slowly yellow, now decauy brown..i dont know what it is
its not ants...that very violent ants were there that destroy watermelon plant in 1 night eat it all and eat human very harsh, too
i read one should use dishwashing soap but i didnt get the instructions is it safe , what brand, chemical or more natural what dilution, is it safe
soo i didnt try
at begining from the ants i put cinamon and cayen powder around the plants
that plant has lot of flowers yet so maybe can be saved..
ill add pic i hope later when i can go
hard go out here awful radiation was put lately in city very deadly and other reasons
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to the killer black.. ants i used borax after they ate me and a whole water melon plant fast so hard..
borax with sugar dry and liquid. they got less and return ususally after some time but didnt eat whole plants anymore
but they are not the ones that kill the lemon cucumber
on the first melon i saw Squash Bug running out of it as ate it
so there here

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