passiflora edulis?

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hi. the herb in the photograph is being sold as "passiflora edulis" in turkey.
doing a google image search for passiflora edulis, i was not able to find anything close to this twisted shape shown in the photograph.
so i have the following two questions:

1- do you think this is passiflora edulis?
2- if it is indeed passiflora edulis, is it as effective as passiflora incarnata for its effects on sleep?

thank you.
labelled as "passiflora edulis"
labelled as "passiflora edulis"
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That image doesn't look like any Passiflora I've ever seen. In the Passiflora, the flowers and leaves are the medicine. THe herb should look like a dried version of this rather than rotini.


I haven't used P. edulis but the medicinal properties seem to be similar to the one I use P. incarnata.

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