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Wound Wash’s, poultice mixtures

Putting some away for a rainy day
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TeresaH United States of America
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Joined: Wed Aug 24, 2022 3:38 pm

I have been looking and searching though out the forum, with no luck in finding what is needed. Im making a wound wash tea for a friend of mine. He is post amputee and get sores, so i thought he’d be a good one to play with since no major issues.

MY Question: when making a wound wash, using tea’s and some tincture. Would it be wise to add something to help keep it from molding? There is vodka in the tincture, however, not much compared to the 4 oz of tea.

Would you be able to freeze the tea wash to have on hand also (ie; chronic wound condition, to help preserve a little bit larger amount if that makes sense)? Would this destroy or degrade its potencies.

Thank You
Teresa :flapper: :rofl:
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