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Hoop Houses

When to plant, what to plant, why to plant...
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Got any ginger left to try it with or where did you get yours? I only have ONE turmeric root so I am babying it. It was $7 for a small plant.

Maybe a double hoop would be something to try as well.

Since each layer "moves" the dirt 500 miles South, maybe 1000 miles would be enough? That would put that dirt somewhere Hermosillo, Mexico. I am thinking that is a HUGE stretch, but may still be enough.
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Doc Jones United States of America
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They have it at the grocery store. :)
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SageWoman wrote:IdahoHerbalist, what are the plants on the hillside behind your hoop house?
I missed this earlier. We plant several things on that hill. There is an apricot tree. We also plant tomato, pepper, cucumber and other non row crop things.
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I don't know if you are still responding to replies here but I am interested in the directions for building a hoop house (new here ;)

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I built a cattle panel greenhouse-like structure for my chicken run. I wanted more size and head room so I put one side up on some pallets. They are attached to the coop at one and and do an "L" at the other so they stay vertical. They are also sitting on a row of cinder blocks. This gives me about 7 feet of headroom in the middle and about a 10' wide structure. If you just did a double layer of cinder blocks down each side you'd add 16" to the headroom of the "standard" Edible Acres greenhouse.
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