Treatment for degeneration in 12 year old dog in hips and back legs

Using Herbs to Treat Animals
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My 12 year old fur buddy Buster has recently lost his ability to raise himself and stand with his rear legs. I adopted him last summer after his original owners let him loose. We al thought he was a Brittany, but I am figuring out hecis actually a Spinoni Italiano.they have similar colorings and markings, but he is much bigger than a Brittany. His size is some of his problem, he is big framed, and a little overweight. I took him to a local medical vet, who I pretty much knew would put him on antibiotics and steroids. I explained to her that I am against taking pharmaceuticals for myself and my fur buddies, but my wife who is a LPN , and trained by the western medicine, insisted I let the vet do her recommendations. After prescribing both medicines she than did a thyroid test which proved he had no thyroid problem. He has had some hot spots of which I have been getting under control. The vet than said he looks like he is getting degeneration in his hips, and rear legs. The pads of his feet are also very thin. He had been loose for over 6 months before he was I am sure there was a lot of miles put on this poor boy. He is a very smart and gentle boy, and I just want him to be around longer and to be happy and feel good. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I would love to hear them. I have considered Raindrop therapy, I give him cbd, he gets a multivitamin, and medicinal mushrooms. He is not real active, but he has improved since last summer till now.
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Maybe some comfrey salve on his feet? I don't know if it is possible to rebuild worn pads or not, but it might he worth trying.
When one of my previous dogs got old and had problems with her back legs, I found lactuca serriola (wild prickly lettuce) to help reduce the spasms. Harvested in late summer, the white latex pith in the center of the stalk is the active medicine. I cut open the stalks and made a tea, which I poured on her food.
Sorry I can't be more help. It sucks when they get old.
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Sorry I missed this one. I'd have a look at these two formulas:

Joint Support


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CBD oil has anti inflammatory properties which are great for treating dogs with disabilities. CBD oil has been proven to help reduce pain and inflammation in dogs. If you find the right dosage, the CBD oil will take away the pain that your dog is experiencing. CBD oil is generally safe for dogs to take. Just check with your vet to see if it is safe for your dog to take.
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