Corneal sequestra /feline herpes virus

Using Herbs to Treat Animals
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Karenscat South Africa
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Any help or advice or product recommendations would be appreciated. I have a 1 year old feral cat. She has feline herpes, upper eyelid agenesis and gets corneal ulcers often. She currently has a corneal sequestra on one eye. Normally the vets treat with Idoxurdine and antibiotic eye drops, which never seem to work. She now has a brown scab on the eyeball. I've been treating it with a homeopathic remedy internally called euphrasia and Kali (something... Can't read the homeopaths writing) and charged silver particles eye drops, she has developed red veins on the eye and it's cloudy with the scab but seems to now be opening the bad eye more than her other eye. She normally squints as she's always got hair in her eyes... I do pluck her eyelids weekly. I am desperate the treatments from the vet don't work, there is no one I know in South Africa who can help me. I am so grateful to anyone who can help or advise me. Thank you.
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