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Rooster with closed eye

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Post Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:13 pm

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I figured this rooster got a bit of dust in his eye (we had high winds lately) and that it would clear up. It hasn't. This has affected his social life as he no longer parades around as the king anymore and hasn't been eating nor drinking, so we had discovered. His comb & wattles are still bright red and he has lots of energy if he is trying to escape from us.

We separated him and upon doing this, he instantly started eating & drinking a lot. We tried to open his eye. It has no gunk on it. I am not sure if what I still think is a dust particle has caused damage or not. I don't think there is infection yet. His eye is whitish, but that could also just be his inner eyelid. After being on his own, he tried opening his eye a few times.

My go-to poultry forum is currently down, and I am not finding great online answers. What could I safely use to flush his eye out and stop or prevent infection?

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