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A place to introduce yourself and tell us what your interests and goals are in alternative healing.
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A great hello to everyone!

I am a former Veterinary Technician, and I am very excited to find a program that discussed herbs in animals. So appropriate for me. I have also been sticking plants in my mouth since I was about four; I suppose most kids do that, however, I continued the affair up into my adulthood.

I am exceedingly happy to finally be a student at any school. It took me months to sort through all the inadequate educational programs for my needs. Imagine my happiness when I found Doc's awesome school! After I complete this program, I will take Michael Moore's courses that are still online. Hopefully, the itty bitty town I live in will welcome an herbal clinic.

Thank you, Doc for creating this wonderful school, and making the price reasonable enough for almost anybody to afford it. Thank you! Thank you!!


Elizabeth aka Susan Sterett

P.S. Is there any way of changing my account name without messing everything up? I do not go by Susan, that's my mom.
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Doc Jones United States of America
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Hi Elizabeth,

Glad you're enjoying the school. You don't have to be your mom even though you have half of her genes. :)
I'll shoot you an email or give you a call and get it sorted out on your account.

Doc Jones
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