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A place to introduce yourself and tell us what your interests and goals are in alternative healing.

Post Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:57 pm

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Hey everyone, I'm finally here :geek: I’ve been looking a couple of years for an herbal school. Most took off in a direction I wasn’t comfortable with. And then there was price. AND THEN something happened to the world. :confused: It went crazy and we all have all been sent to our homes. I thought what a great time to find a school. Thank you, Doc Jones, for offering your schooling with a Cabin Fever Sale. :clap: I signed up the 24th of Mar, the day WI was ordered “safer at home”. It’s been over 45 years since I went and paid for a school. Took me quite a few days to figure out everything. But I did. It took me a several times watching the lingo video, taking notes, and using the flash cards, before I took a quiz. But I passed. :yahoo: So now I’m off. I’ve always loved herbs, wild flowers, & fungi. I know how to eat and use simple yard “weeds” but I own 55 acres of woods in west central WI, and I know there is lots of medicine and food to be found and used. I am excited about something again. My next class is going to be Herbal Gardening. :bunny: I just wish my brain was working better. I know it will when we can hug each other and go out for iced tea and cheese curds again.

p.s. When the world, TV, social media, your friends and family all go crazy I have found 2 voices that can calm and teach me at the same time. One is painter Bob Ross. The other is Doc Jones. I love hearing the clock, I love hearing the dog move, I love your calming voice Doc Jones. It doesn’t put me to sleep, just calming. I really love your humor. Thank you again for this opportunity to learn some of your knowledge from you half way across the country. :thumb: C

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