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Gaining a new identity, being in tune with plants and Nature

A place to introduce yourself and tell us what your interests and goals are in alternative healing.

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Hi from Arizona. What a wonderful course, website...I love his humor and gentle manner that puts you at ease, just everything is GREAT! I've wanted to learn herbalism for decades, Id buy a book on herbalism with the listing of herbs, not usually in my area then look at the hand drawn picture of the herb and the listing of what it is good for and say, Geee, that wasn't so helpful. With the master gardeners I found that there is also a herb garden in the demonstration garden in Maricopa County Phoenix. And I'd marvel at the plants and ask about their properties, but mostly they just grew them and didn't know about them. I joined the AZ herbal association and liked the monthly meetings, but still they mostly didn't go into the medicinal properties. I started school at SWIHA wanting to do the Western Herbalism Course but was rejected for that, they wouldn't say why but I think it is because they had walks in the desert as part of the course and the teacher watched me walk with my arthritic knees and thought that I could be a problem. I was rather frustrated. I looked at other schools on the Summer of Survival Series a few years ago but they were too expensive and not in my area.

Then I heard about Doc Jones from Marjorie Wildcraft. I called him about my cat who I thought was diabetic and he answered himself, I was most surprised to talk to the man himself. I joined his class while going to school full time and working part time, so i haven't finished yet..... but here's the important part I wanted to say.....I discovered that learning herbalism isn't like reading a book and buying some herbs. It is about immersing yourself in the plants, using the plants for things like getting stung by a scorpion.. it was very helpful, the knowledge in this class. Using herbalism ....I'd read up on a module and say, sheesh I could have been more comfortable or my baby could have been helped by this help for colic. He's not a baby anymore. But that being aware of plants and how and when they seed. Buying seed at first and planting my own. It's like a total immersion in a different way of thought. I'd been a paramedic years ago and with this knowledge my first aid bag has expanded and my way of thinking about first aid has also changed. It's not something like I'd get off the shelf to use, but a live plant that I interacted with.

I'm doing a class on how to deal with poisonous spiders and snakes tomorrow, with the disclaimer first of course., and bringing some herbs. And I realized this is not about getting a certificate, it is about a different way of life and much more natural point of view and being in tune with yourself and Mother Nature.

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Thank you for your comments.

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