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What is the protocol/education for a person to title themselves an "Herbalist?"
Recently a woman I met was selling salves and her card says "Herbalist." So, would she have taken a course such as the one Doc offers? Do people just call themselves "herbalist" without having formal education? Would you please clarify what is going on in this profession regarding titles?
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Where are you located?

In Idaho there is no set protocol or license. Here is MY take:

You are an herbalist if you are studying herbalism.
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This is not a profession. It is not regulated, licensed or recognized in any state I'm aware of. As Steven said, anyone that uses herbs could call themselves an herbalist.

Some Schools use the designation "Master Herbalist" in their programs. That designation only means that the person has completed whatever program gave them the piece of paper. Some of the programs are excellent others are not...really NOT.

In my school I use the designation of Clinical Herbalist. I know what that means. A clinical herbalist is someone that sits down with someone else and helps them with a problem using herbs. I also know what a "Professional Herbalist" is. That's someone that can do the above and get the other guy to pay him for it. My program is intended to help you do those things.

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