Are you generally very busy, or have a more relaxed schedule

OK, food is good...not so sure about that other thing.
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I'm doing a shift being really busy, picking up lots of jobs, hopefully making some decent money......from years of doing as little as possible. (I used to slack on assignments and not really work a lot) I'm excited and hope I make some money but am also already feeling the stress that comes from working several part-time jobs along with doing school.

So -- Which do you lean towards, and why? Do you work a lot? If so, how has staying busy impacted your eating/sleep schedule/general mood?
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This post is from quite a while ago but i feel comfy starting here..i started doing online work a while ago and i think it
is having some sort of negative impact on my general healthy fattening up real becoming anti-social
and seems like am loosing my confidence...a while a go i would mix up a concoction of smoothies and be a glass makes
me diarrhea.. :face palm: !!
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My son spends a lot of time in front of the computer. He has figured out how to eat and exercise to stay pretty fit. Not sure how he does it though.

One thing I do know is reduce the grains and dairy quite a bit.
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