Saw the Nurse Practitioner Today

OK, food is good...not so sure about that other thing.
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Morning all,

I saw the NP today for my annual physical and lab results. I've made a lot of improvements to my health in the last several months. :clap: But my kidneys, while still in the normal range, aren't quite as happy as she would like them to be, and my blood sugar is a bit high. (Pre-diabetic). So I'm thinking some dandelion tea ought to do it. I'm also taking Immu-Kool to help with the eczema aggravated by wheat allergy and cross contamination. My liver is happy as can be though, and my cholesterol couldn't get any better, at 160 total. :yahoo:

Anyway... (I finally remembered what I'm getting at, lol). It's funny how I'm having a greater proliferation of dandelions in my lawn, just as the Nurse says she wants me to give my kidneys some extra love. God is so smart and provides us with exactly what we need at the exact time we need it. :woot:
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Glad your numbers are improving. :clap:

Chamomile, cleavers and nettle seed are great kidney protectants and restoratives too.

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