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Alkalamides: The Science Behind Echinacea

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This is another highly technical study (you practically need a degree in biochemistry to read it), but it is exactly what I've been looking for. If you can exercise enough patience to wade through all the science and chemistry --in fact, just skip down to the "Discussion" section near the end-- it is well worth the brain strain, lol.

In summary, this is ground breaking stuff, and more research needs to be done, but this paper talks about HOW Echinacea modulates the immune system, and WHY people with autoimmune diseases might not want to take Echinacea, and HOW echinacea can cause a cytokine storm.

THIS is the Kind of research I'm looking for! If you're looking for more science behind the WHY and HOW herbal medicine works, then this is for you. ... etics.html

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