Herbs with Contradictory actions (ie, both Astringent and Demulcent)

General discussion of medicinal plants and their use.
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I'm looking to deepen my understanding of herbal energetics; and I feel that a study of herbs that are 'exceptions to the rule' can be helpful.

Can anyone point me to any resources that talk about this? I'm not talking about herbs that have a normalizing action, but herbs that can simultaneously perform what seems to be opposing actions; ie Astringent and demulcent. Sedative and Stimulant etc. And, for bonus points, some explanations regarding when one would want to use herbs like this.

At this point I'm really only aware of Peppermint (Hot/Cold) fitting into this category, though certainly there are others.

My interest in this extends to a personal level; because I feel that my body is expressing a state of 'Heat arising from internal dryness, leading to a loss of fluids" And It seems to me (with my admittedly novice diagnosis ability) that I need to both contain my dampness (astringent) while simultaneously adding moisture (especially in an emollient capacity, ie marshmallow)..... Perhaps simply focusing on the astringent quality would lead to the softening/moistening that I'm looking for; but I feel that both approaches are necessary.

So far, after a day and a half taking a cold decoction of marshmallow; I seem to be urinating and sweating more than normal- though, it only being a day and a half, at this point this is purely anecdotal.... though intuition tells me I need to somehow direct marshmallows effects....
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