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Cattails - analgesic

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Post Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:44 pm
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These are NOT my experiences but copied from a blog:

CAT TAILS...the jelly like substance that grows bewtween its leaves.....

My grandfather said it could be used for most severe skin infections. And let me tell you, it's nothing short of a miracle. I've seen abscesses the size of a plate healing in just days. This gel is also one of the best cures for nail and foot fungus.

On a different note, this gel is the only part of the cattail that is widely considered to not be edible. It's not poisonous... so why isn't it edible?

Well, because it has a powerful numbing effect on moist tissues. It has even been used as a Novocaine substitute. Yes, it's an anesthetic that you can use in many, many situations. When the pioneers were hit with a ravaging toothache, they would just go get their jar of cattail ooze and rub it around their gums. The pain would subside in minutes.

Post Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:15 pm

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Ooh! Thanks for this-- the timing is uncanny, as I have a bad thumbnail.

Post Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:59 pm
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We're gonna have to try that. Interesting.


Post Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:02 pm

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Ooh, glad I stumbled on this one! Never heard about that with the cattails - good to know! Will be checking the gel stuff out. Thanks!

Post Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:14 pm

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Good info! One of the properties that I forage has a pond with a good stand of cattails.

Post Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:46 am

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It sounds like it might be hard to collect enough to use, but I will keep this in mind. Several things immediately came to mind that would be good ways to test it out... :) Thank you.

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