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Formula Ingrediant Ratio

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wiremanibew United States of America
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I have read on your posts that you use no more than 6 herbs in a ‘formula’.
As below
Ingredients: Comfrey Root, Echinacea, Garlic, Lobelia, Marshmallow, Plantain

Are these ingredients all in the same ratio or is one a primary and the others in different percentages.

Is this for all the formulas?

I am not going to sell these formula I give the majrity of my tinctures to those in need.
And since I have most of the ingredients in yor formula I would like to make the whoe enchilada instead of individual servings
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Doc Jones United States of America
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It really depends on the formula. Sometimes it's equal parts, often it isn't.
I often put 2 parts of the principle herbs in the formula and 1 part of the "support" herbs
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