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Elderberry Tincture/Syrup - make your own

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Marthabees wrote:
Will the medicinal benefits be lessened due to the pressure cooking, more than when I simmer my dried berries for a nice, medicinal tea?

My friend said they did the syrup like this last winter and were thrilled with the results - 4 Family members, no sickness.

Some herbalists I know use pressure cookers when making glycerites. I just don't know what that sort of heat and pressure would do to the various medicinal properties of the various plants. I'd be pretty leary of pressure cooking anything medicinal.

Many people that didn't take any of your friend's syrup also didn't get sick last winter. Maybe the syrup was terrific. I don't know. Post hoc ergo propter hoc* is a fallacy we need to be careful with when judging results.

* After this, therefore because of this.

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Thank you all for the discussion about pressure cooking elderberries. I am remaining skeptical of using a pressure cooker on anything medicinal.
I will pass on this information to my friend who can use it as she wishes.
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