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Tincture math!

Post Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:53 pm

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Good day, here is a challenge Ive been trying to figure out with my tinctures using 95% everclear.

Tumeric 1:3 in a 1L jar
Chaga/Reishi 1:3 in a 1L jar
CBD 1:1 in a 1L jar
Mint 1:1 in a 1L jar

So after 2 months I extracted contents with cheese cloth and mixed all tinctures into a crock pot together. I added 1litre of MCT oil into the mix and turned the crock pot to warm, stirring occasionally. After a couple days all the alcohol has evaperated leaving me with 1L of beautifull dark oil to fill my 60ml dropper bottles!

My question is, what have I done lol...what would my potencies be in a 1ml dropper?

Thanks for the help!!!

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