Reoccurring Kidney Symptoms

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I used the HomeGrown Messager and they suggested I post the message here.

Good morning,

A little back ground, I am a member, I am 77 years old, 6' tall, 250 lbs, high blood pressure no prescription drugs. I have been having a kidney/bladder problem. I started with frequent urination. Assuming a prostate enlargement, I started taking Phytage PROSTATE 911, which seemed to work, I have been using this product for a year. My last doctor check up in 2019 indicated I had kidney stones. The frequent urination gotten worse this spring, five times a night. I started using your Kidney Nostonez. Used a 2 oz bottles and started on another one ½ tsp 3 times a day. Things improved, but I still had a problem of not being able to hold my urine at all, when I get the urge, it's unstoppable. Tried to make an appointment with my doctor and was given a six week date, I declined. I tried the Kidney & Bladder UTI with good results. As soon as I quit taking the problem came back, I tried the Bladder Toner with good results, then I switched to Kidney Builder for maintenance. The problems are returning while I am taking Kidney Builder. I have switched back to Kidney & Bladder UTI for now. I am getting ready to reorder the toner and UTI which I have in my cart. Looking for some advice as what to do next and what can I expect.

You can check my order history to see what I have on hand.

Can I try the High Blood Pressure while I am using the other things.

Thank You


Any suggestions ?
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