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urgent ask advice to very ill dog?

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Post Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:16 am

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female dog
maybe ate poison 2 days ago?
didnt feel good walking but i didnt see 
she had blood till last evening
sh sits out all day
at evening i saw she threw up and tried hard to pee was only thick blood drops
i thought she ate poison. no vet here and she hates vets
i gave her first teaspoon activated charcoal
in glass distilled water
hour later-mms activated drop to disinfect
hour lated chicken with probiotic capsule and some detoxing clay mixture great plains benronite mixture half capsule 
and..2 capsules fish oil..
she stayed out night was quiet not my yard
and she had her good acana senior plate and water she ate and drunk at nught
this morning[she looks weak and thin] i gave her 1 mms drop in water..more then hour later chicken
with probiotic capsule..bentonite clay capsule[its mixture capsule can be taken with food]
non acidic vitamin c and some powder of cranberry with probioticks...
she ate it maybe 4 hours ago
then rested last hour she rises tried hard to clkean herself
her pee was more wartter more yellow-not thick blood, with blood
but she tries go many time to purhe things out with pee and hard on her
what can clean her intestins from poison or bad things, absorb and disinfect?
is psylium husk good?
i have many cheap  things here

now 1. pm here

oh in the morning wit the chicken cooking water i gave her also some carrot juice and pulp

with the vitamin c, bentonite probiotick and bit cranberry probiotic powder

it looked good but now maybe 4 hours later an hour ago she rose many times to try pe and clear things out and couldnt

so whats best absorbent to give here to both disinfect and purge out if she ate poison im sure?

shes very big more then 70 lb ? i guess or 80

i have organic carrots, maybe garlik, ginger turmeric, iodine, psyluim?

Post Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:33 am

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i try prepeare her next drink . hot here
i put flax seed, ill grind..chicken soup..some carrot.. and ?
she really needs absorb and take out from her bottom part sticky satan things
(i also have black walnut hull powder and tincture of black wulnut wormwood apart from the above..and seaweeds powders, blue green that calm upper part at least...
charcoal..bentonite,, fresh hebs, too.. hyssop mint celery.. sage
whats best absorbent please?

Post Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:29 pm

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You need something to help her liver and kidneys flush the toxins out. Dandelion root and leaves. Also plantain.

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:30 am

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thank u
ill update-all the soup i brought her then yesterday -with ground flaxsrrds, bit carrot, with chicken soup, and otgher hings-she didnt drink..on night she was very barking loud out side so i went to bring her up 3 floors. she strolled out lightly but constantly tried to stand to clean herself and purge but to pee,many many times. when we arrived up she ate some acana now after 5 am she heavily breaths mouth open. im just too weak to do all their needs out with negative sorroundings some few really violent dangerous neighbours that hurt her i cant see.. im only in rented room. and very stressed and suffer alot. also very sick in head. from dentists. so not easy all the go out with 2 big ones. also they did lately here deadly radiation really deadly. started with smart meters months ago was deadly nearly killing then added led street lamps 2 weeks ago infront my window. since then-every out even few minutes is frying killing head heart thyroid ....just impossible. cant stay inn with 2 big dogs i.. i shielded where she sat outside with mylar blanket to ease here but just 4.5 sides ap[art from front open ...she is burned too.. does the stars heavily 3 floors she likes sit out was her choice.. i have dandelion in capsul;e ill try thank u. plaintain i dont know where there is here never recognised.
i really want to give here what to ease here. dobnt know the right mixtures

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:41 am

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last night to try ease her i put some [home meade] lugols iodine with bit carot jiuce and pulpe and capsule of sylimarin milk tistle with [the capsule]-turmeric ginger dandelion artichoke, on a cookeed chilckens leg. what absorbd in the meat-she ate, some, maybe half- left at plate.

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:55 am

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its very clear that shes really burnt from radiation..they did something really deadly here last few weeks. its small city, crowded buildings, each go out even garbage results in throyd pain chest pain back, head..massive burning,
its deadly..but she cant pee only out side .stairs are heavy on her heart and chest. and she tries pee many times a day now,,shes out all day. dont know how to do it.
where she sits the front is to the directiopn of the leds street light. all the yard is very radiated i burn when try work there deadly. i left her half the mylar blanket to pass and see... i cant shield exspensively.. if i turn the entrance to her home to another direction , shell not see the yard. only wall. maybe shell not sit there. anyway its vidble shes burnt radiation, too..poor girl. its presunrise now here. i must take her out.

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:50 am

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thank u!
we went down , she constantly tried pee but only managed drops of blood
but walked lightly
drunk water...then i managed make her eat her soup-with grounded sprouted flax seeds like table spoon, bit carrot, dandelion capsule and sylimarin turmeric ginger etc-capsule..
"*oh and i put marshmallow capsule powder in her bowl this morning)
then she stood to pee came more mixed with urine with thicker clot of blood the poor girl
so shes out for now to have free ground, but radiation.,.
she has no womb thats how i got her years ago

when we went down after minute, she was smling..and climbed stars no problem..just as mentioned-strolled endlessly to try clear something out through urine and couldnt

Post Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:38 am

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thanks to your from far help
i shielded her place she sits much better from front to ease her from the burning.
i worked there maybe 4 hours yeaterday with no shilding shirt..only botton part and cap
and im dead,,,back , legs neck face kidneys all fried boiled dead its awful out nowdays
the dog liked what you suggested the capsule dandelion i think...she looks not bad
(had fever afternoon..
gods mercy
all souls in his hand
im not gonna be instead him to cut creatures gmo them and govern the world or take souls god save

Post Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:23 pm

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maybe it was borax ingested that i had put for the killer big ants over the fence, that she managed to pass?
or maybe she found poison outside as i sqw her eat something i didnt want
last day she had out only her acana senior with dry supplments on it and water
the chiken soup she didnt want day before,only clean chicken so she didnt take the cleaning cocktail 2 days before, left it ,and i run out of meat i hate cook or buy or see legs cooked
the acana and water she didnt touch last day
now 2.18 am
she pees more white then blood maybe no blood but still trys many times to push out clean many times and cant
is this supp i have good for dog ... Caps/39058

Post Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:56 am

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i do feel urge to inform the end , to who thought the dear dog id deadly situation..yet cause i highlly believe in natural medicine and this dog suffered ALOT from regular veterinarinaris and hospitalisation that was awfuly cruell and unmedicinal to her here, no natural she actually dont want vets , not only that i havent money and ill and no car and no vets here..
i had read id dog accidently took borax from deadly killer ants poison, she might need[by that website] dialisis untill her kedneys return to function..
well, the dog is ok, pee and poop, she can slightly run and goes back to climb the stairs 3 floors with my help not to bark at nights, but, she nearly died..was awful
i could get her the idea shell go to heaven peacefully anyway i cant handle them both in this rented room with my situation, and were very hard nights, she couldnt climb up shes heavy, she barked awfully out and many neighbours here, i tried bring her up at night she let me sleep an hour then cried awfully woke me as she couldnt hold her belly from pee then, she was cold out and the heater i bought didnt make it, im very sick in brain fatal and she was also contaminating in the room,
i had put her cheese chicken and acana by her with supplements but she didnt want to eat days till all spoiled and i threw, yert was food by her all days but she didnt want to eat so many days....we were at peace if she goes she didnt suffer too much but she didnt die just didnt eat
i couldnt see her fast days infront my eyes
i then bought her tuna fish in olive oil... plus i had put cell food drops in her water, its detox she likes it..
she immediately ate half the tuna gladly it gave her power a day and a half she climbed stirs with me next day before eveing..
plus here i gave her the good fine detoxing zeolite in water in syringe on empty stomach.. clinto i dont remeber the name ever..
few days.. she went on eat fish daily then chicken great we were happy shes alife, i prefer..
plus later i gave her more sometimes capsule of the good bentonite clay capsule with the adds-great plains company its good capsules, meantime she ate daily did her needs good each day no blood in urine can stay here all night eats daily f


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