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Post Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:31 pm

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I noticed some swelling of a family members finger recently. I thought it could be a broken finger or sprain from perhaps banging it against something hard, because there is a blood clot under the nail. I believe the clot came before the swelling started. There is also a small opening on the side of the nail where a hangnail could have been pulled out, and germs could have entered.

After being taken in, it was diagnised as osteomyelits, with no infection in the blood. He is to have another appointment tommorow, but in the meantime his finger looks bigger, a little darker, and what I assume is the opening (hangnail area) looks worse. He pulls things off that are applied to his finger, but he allowed a charcoal poultice to stay on a few hours yesterday.

Is there anything you reccommend?

Thanks for your time.

Post Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:51 pm
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The first things I though of were an Arnica poultice externally and our Lymphatic formula internally. Both of these will help get things moving in the area and help reduce the swelling. Just be sure the arnica does not come in contact with an open wound.

Our Poultice formula would help heal the open sore.

Have a look at those products. They are available if you do not already have what is in them.

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