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Chronic pain after tearing

The use of herbs in midwifery practice

Post Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:06 pm

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I am reading about cervical dysplasia and wondering if this approach would not also work well for chronic pain/inflammation in the vaginal canal as a result of deep tearing during childbirth?

To quote from our curriculum, "For herbalists, the focal points for treatment of cervical dysplasia are to decrease inflammation, stimulate immunity, decrease viral proliferation and promote healing of the tissue. Herbs are taken internally and inserted vaginally as herbal suppositories for up to three months..."

I want to try this out! Experimentation! Can't hurt anyway.

How important is it to do the internal formula? I am looking at the vaginal suppository formula and thinking I have everything for that, but I don't have all the internal ingredients.

I have heard before that taking herbs internally can seem to attract special healing to an external application of that herb. I have only heard about that though.

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