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Herbal First Aid Kit: Whadda Ya Need?

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Post Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:16 am
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Herbal First Aid Kit: Whadda Ya Need?

Last week we talked about traveling with herbs. We had some good comments from readers on what they carried around and why. This week I'd like to talk about what sorts of things one could carry in an herbal first aid kit that would cover all the bases.
Speaking of Herbal First Aid, I'll be doing a live presentation on YouTube this Friday at 7 pm Mountain Time on this very topic. If you're reading this five years from now, fear not, the webinar will be recorded and is likely still on My Channel. Check it out (and subscribe to the channel to get notified of other new videos and live webinars.) Here:
But I digress...meanwhile, back at the blog article...
So, what sorts of things could one experience and what herbs would one want to have on hand to address them? Well let's have a look (in no particular order)...

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