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Tent Rubber Stove Jack For Sale

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Post Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:11 am
:woot: We purchased a canvas wall tent that was made to accept a wood stove. It has this Rubber Stove Jack in the roof that the chimney pipe goes through accommodating a 6 inch pipe. Anyway, we then purchased a Shelter Logic tent that we wanted the stove to go in. We wanted to alter this tent to accept a wood we sewed the Rubber Stove Jack into the roof of this new tent and works like a charm. We didn't realize how versatile those Rubber Stove Jack's were so we purchased three of them. Well, we have two extra ones we are willing to sell. They cost us $25 each. We would like to offer them at $25 or best offer. We have a paypal account, or would even be willing to accept a personal check. Image can be seen here: ... p-111.html price shown here: $35. Amazing how the price grew in 5 years.

Here's more information on the Rubber Stove Jack: Flexible rubber stove jack with-stands temperatures to 700 degrees. With thicker ring around pipe to divert water around the stovepipe. Can be sewn in.

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Post Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:26 am

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If you decide that your tent's fabric is in good enough condition to hold a patch, the next step is to prepare the area to be patched. Both nylon and canvas are woven, and vinyl is at times fiber-reinforced; tears often leave tattered, frayed edges. Use scissors to cut away the worn area; if necessary, cut into the safe fabric until all worn edges are gone. You will be gluing the patch, so clean around the damaged area with denatured alcohol to clean off any fabric treatments and dirt. Clean both sides of the fabric. If the tent is recorded, scratch the surface around the tear lightly with the fine rub down to increase glue bond.
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