Jim Phillips-like Foam Clothing for Child FREE

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:roll: I have a pair of "Jim Phillips"-like foam clothing I would like to give away. Our son has definitely out grown them. Child size 12-ish. Royal blue in color. I am willing to give them to someone willing only to reimburse me the shipping costs. They aren't heavy but they are bulky. I could vacuum pack them. I will try to post a picture of them...I've had trouble due to pixel size on this forum...so I could email pictures. Interested parties can email me: schroeder.karen42@gmail.com or call me at home: 307.456.7456 or even text me to call you (my long distance is free) at 307.240.0832

I have a paypal account and can accept shipping costs that way if it's easier for you. I would even be willing to accept a personal check.


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