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Buy, Sell, Trade Your Personal Stuff.
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Dear all,

A friend of mine is a Herbalist. Though she has been practicing on and off for a number of years, she recently acquired a place at a clinic.

I am hoping to buy her a gift relevant to her practice for her next birthday. That said, I have no idea what is useful to a Herbalist, and what may be a desired item.

Could anyone suggest items or tools that may be particularly useful? So far, I have thought of bags (are there Herbalist specific ones?), or some kind of carry case.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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Doc Jones United States of America
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A good-looking mortar and pestle is always nice.

Or a bonsai. Everyone likes bonsai! :)
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While some of these gifts are crazy, this is simply the way that celebrities live. They can afford it so why not? Everything that they do and all of the gifts that they receive are often reported on, and it is fair to say that they like to keep up with the Joneses. There is no doubt that celebrities are showered with gifts on a regular basis, and they might not accept all of them but it is hard to say no to a gift.
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