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Torz Great Britain
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Joined: Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:02 pm

Hi. I've been using ashwaghanda nightly for 6 years to sleep. I didn't know I had to cycle it or any side effects until now.

I think it is possible I have hyperthyroidism and excess testosterone. I'd like to know any herbs I can take to balance out the testosterone? As I really feel ashw is the best thing to help me sleep.

I am now researching substitutes to cycle Ashw with to take a break from it. I've bought Siberian Ginseng and L-theanine.

I suffer from hypochondria and anxiety so I am struggling to be brave and try a new herb because I don't know how my body will react and if it will work for my sleep or I'll end up with a bad night of insomnia if I skip the ashw and try and L-theanine.

I am also researching gaba and melatonin but I haven't heard great things regarding side effects and I know that I've had insomnia for over 6 years and it still requires help despite longterm ashwaghanda.

Potentially ashw has perpetuated the insomnia by giving me more work with adrenals, testosterone and hyper thyroid activity...... So I'm in a fearful place as I need to sleep well and have not been since I realised the ashwaghanda might be causing more issues.

I stopped taking it for a few nights and it started a very bad episode of insomnia and I then took it again at the same time as realising, it might exacerbate the issue...

I also have reached out to professional ayurvedic practitioners of a few names and am waiting to hear back about consultations so I can seek professional advice, but as I'm pretty desperate to sort it all out...

I'd love your help. If I can find any herbal supplements now to calm any excess testosterone or thyroid issues, and adrenal over activity... It might mean I can keep taking ashwaghanda til I speak to an ayurvedic practitioner/herbalist and find out what the best replacement is.
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better get some help reading which can help you much more than using medicine pills. it would rather kill you than help you. especially unknown pills that are not even recommended by doctors in our country. at least, if you still decide to take these pills, I advise you to consult with your doctors at the beginning.
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