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Foot Reflexology

For cases where "nothing" helps...Ok it's complicated.

Post Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:27 am

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I've been a Reflexologist for about 8 years (a certified Herbalist for 3, but worked with herbs long before that). Since starting I have seen the following conditions helped to some degree or another:

Hiatal hernias, enlarged livers, kidney stones, kidney function, pinched nerves, misaligned spines/necks/hips/knees/ankles/etc, migraines, glaucoma, asthma, acid reflux, intestinal blockages, conception issues, hot flashes, thyroid function, knotty muscles, "fibromyalgia", arthritis, lymphodema, hearing, brain damage, alzheimers, colds/flu symptoms, hormone issues, colic, easement of labor, and others.

I can't even remember all of the things that have been helped by this form of healing, but it's amazing given the proper application what can be done. That said, even when it's not done correctly (or very well) it's next to impossible to make anything worse.

Post Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:56 pm
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We have been interested in reflexology for YEARS. We bought a book but have not spent much time with it.

The Art of Reflexology

Sure would like to know more about this.

Post Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:54 pm

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Well, I'll try to answer any questions you have. It's not a complicated thing to learn, but to master it...that is the difficult part. Not to sound conceited (and I know how things can come across in text) but I am good at what I do. It's one of those things where you just know it's your calling. Ask away:)

Post Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:07 am

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Hi KiltedHerbalist,

I've had mixed results, usually good with some Bodywork, Cranio Sacral, trigger points, acupressure, etc. not to mention some successes with herbs but no luck yet at all with Reflexology.

I've just recently tried to use Reflexology for debilitating migraines and bulging discs pinching nerves and it got me thinking maybe what seems like the usual areas one would work on are not where I should be working on or I'm not doing it right.
I definitely haven't studied or practiced it enough to know what I may be missing.
Usually I can feel what area needs work and I've been slowly realizing that there are referred/reflex areas that can address issues but this hasn't been the case so far.

I was also intrigued when I noticed that you mentioned treating Hiatal hernias, I've been using what I could best describe as a downward pulling technique from below the solar plexus area to lower the stomach with results but now I'm wondering what a Reflexologists might do.

Could you suggest any good Reflexology/Bodywork books or sources?

I would really appreciate any suggestions from someone who has been doing it for awhile.


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