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For cases where "nothing" helps...Ok it's complicated.
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For the past 20 years at least, I've had recurring thoughts that a decent microscope could come in handy after a zombie apocalypse. I'm thinking something in the $200 - $300 range with maybe a USB camera in it.

I like to use a 30x jewelers loop to check things out sometimes to better see the nature of something, just so I can say 'hey, that's neat'.

But, what kind of practical applications would there be for a microscope after zombies destroy the enterwebs?

Looking for bugs in water samples is about all I can think of. But, if you filter or sterilize water before using it that shouldn't be a problem. And, I don't need another $2-300 boat anchor or paper weight sitting around.
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Doc Jones United States of America
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I am a scientifically and medically trained fellow that really likes microscopes. I don't think one would be of much use to an untrained person in the apocalypse. They are fun though.
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If you like mushrooms you can measure and check spore shapes... Not Exactally dooms day practical.
carolrose United States of America
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I want to thank you for a funny reply but I can not find the Thank You button. Do you have a recommendation for Herbs for dementia?
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