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How to Repair Damage & Heal Naturally

For cases where "nothing" helps...Ok it's complicated.

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Activate the Lymphatic System

Live the Natural Laws of Health:

Eat whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, less red meat, no processed foods, anything that makes you thirsty your body considers a poison, slowly wean yourself off those items, (don’t stress yourself out!)…

Drink pure clean water (distilled is best)…

Use pure, natural sea salt (Redmond Real Salt is best)…

Gentle exercise (bouncing on a mini-trampoline is best)…

Breathe more deeply (take breaths that move your belly first, and then your whole body not just your shoulders)…

Think positive thoughts (always seek the positive in everything, practice makes perfect. Listen to good uplifting music, read good books, etc)…

The Lymphatic System Can Be Activated Through:

1. Deep Breathing

Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Hold the third breath a few seconds before releasing. (it’s at the height of the inhalation of the breath that your lymph fluid flows.)

2. Bouncing

On a mini-trampoline, a soft bounce where your feet do NOT leave the trampoline at first is best. Add in your breathing technique and you’ve doubled the effect. (it’s at the top of the bounce that your lymph fluid flows)

3. Stroking

Pressure, Massage, Stroke (P.M.S.) With the opposite hand on your belly, use the other hand to apply pressure; squeezing the area that has the issue. (i.e.: left shoulder hurts, put left hand on belly and use right hand to squeeze the left shoulder)

Pressure, Massage, Stroke (P.M.S.) With the same hand begin to massage the area, applying pressure (squeezing) at the same time.

Pressure, Massage, Stroke (P.M.S) After adding pressure and massaging, sweep (stroke) the area off quickly like you are sweeping dandruff or a spider off. Stroke (sweep) the area 7 times in rapid succession. This is the process of P.M.S. repeat it many times per day until the area is no longer an issue (in pain). As the area feels better, continue repeating this process but fewer and fewer times throughout the day. Eventually, you may only need to do these steps once a month, and eventually even less to maintain the health of the area.

4. Energy (electric energy produced by the cells themselves)

Cone the fingers of both hands and place under the collar bone on the chest, or place the hands on the abdomen around your belly button. Do this while bouncing or at least when doing the breathing technique.
If there is an “issue” (painful area in the body) use the cone technique, placing the tips of the fingers on or in the area of concern. (Example: your right elbow hurts. Using your left hand in cone shape, place tips of fingers on the painful area. Place your right hand flat onto the belly button. Take several deep breaths while thinking...

5. Positive Thoughts…

Generate more electrical energy in the body. Forgiveness of oneself and others is key for energy to flow freely While holding the third breath say to yourself a little prayer and/or say: “old toxins out, new fresh fluids in” several times then follow that with: “wash the cells, feed the cells, purify the cells”; (or “wash, feed, purify”) repeated several times as you let the breath out. (Repeat this and the other steps above several times per day for 5 minutes (if the problem is more serious, repeat these steps every hour on the hour for 5 minutes)

When we activate the lymphatic vessels, they pull out trapped blood proteins and excess fluid from the spaces around the cells (it is the trapped blood proteins and excess fluid which causes a lack of oxygen, which then causes pain) In this process, the lymphatic system removes the dead cells and poisons! To feed the cells, new fresh water and dissolved minerals, nutrients and oxygen come in from the blood, as the dead cells and poisons are removed. In this way, all of the cells in our body can be purified! (“He that is not purified will not abide the day.”)
Examples of some natural healing processes:

1. When a baby is born, it has a natural instinct to nurse. When it cries, we have the natural instinct to bounce it. No one tells us to bounce the baby, we just do it. This is a natural instinct, just like the baby’s instinct to nurse.

2. When we hurt our finger, we grab it. No one tells us to, we just do it. Well, once you gain the “understanding” that is in this “new” understanding of science, you will know how to heal that finger within five to twenty minutes. Most of the time you won’t even lose your finger nail.

3. If we fall and hurt our self, we rub the ouch. These are basic first aid self help bio-electric pain relief and speed healing techniques! We urge you to learn why and how the basic techniques work first, then you will be better prepared to apply the advanced ‘Power Plant Technology’ contained in the “Applied Lymphology Course”.

For more information go to: Feel free to contact us when questions arise: Karen Schroeder or 307.463.7456 home 307.240.7502 (text or call)

I'm having trouble attaching a PDF or even a word document if you'd like a free copy of the instructions, please email me and I'll send you the PDF. :roll:

"The Happiness of Your Life Depends Upon the Quality of Your Thoughts" --Marcus Arelis

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Karen came and spoke to our group here in Buhl a couple of years ago. Some of the people in attendance really connected with this method. The combination of this (especially the bouncing part) with cleavers has allowed me to clear a clogged lymph gland on the side of my neck.

On the trampoline. Get the kind that has SPRINGS instead of straps for the mechanism. The springs will outlast several of the strap type bouncers. I think we got ours at Walmart for a really good price. We are happy with it.

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