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Not sure if these are actually essential, but they are danged handy

Post Sun May 10, 2020 9:43 pm

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I have been using Young Living oils for quite some time. I could never imagine what oils could do to both my physical and mental state. Sure, there are other brands out there but I have yet to find one that processes the plant base the way Young Living does. It has been such an amazing experience, especially in these recent times. What has made it enlightening is the opportunity that is available to earn income; from the very products I use everyday! I call that a win - win.

So I have to ask, those of you that use essential oils, have you thought about turning it into a business?

The changing point for my wife and I was knowing we could create a family business, something that can be passed on to our kids when our time is up. The idea of working the rat race in today's society for another 30+ years was not something we intend to do. If we can tie together a great product with a business model, we are all game. Anyone who wants to take their personal use and apply it to a business, send me a PM.

What are your thoughts/experiences?

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