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She met a skunk and a porcupine today. Some days you should just stay in bed.

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I had forgotten about this thread.

Dogs are dumb. I got to help with the removal of quills from this and the other dogs THE VERY NEXT DAY! :face palm:

Did I say dogs are dumb? :wall:
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Poor baby. I'm sure there's been plenty of people skunked and porcupined. She's just a redneck puppy havin' some fun that backfired.
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Years ago, my sweet, friendly jersey cow met a porcupine. When I called the vet to see what could be done, he told me to get some pliers and pull them out. That was not what I expected or hoped to hear. Holding down a cow to pull quills out of her nose is not the easiest task... A friend came over to help me. There were 112 quills in her nose. Poor girl.

A month or a few later, she had found another “friend,” who again left her with quills in her nose. My friend came over to help again (now, that’s a real friend...). When my cow saw him, she tried to get away from him. Apparently she remembered him from the last time and held it against him and not me...

My friend said we weren’t going to count quills that time - just get them out, which we did. In the process, my cow (Marushka) flipped over and broke one horn off, which started gushing blood. Thankfully, I had cayenne pepper powder in my car, which I poured on the site to get the bleeding to stop.

Poor girl... she was alone in a pasture and I think she just thought whatever came along wanted to be her friend. She was very friendly... and very curious, as cows are wont to be...
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