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Canine companion wanted

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Post Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:07 pm

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Hi Mountain West Peeps,

Our English Setter passed away suddenly, in December. She was Mr. Fundog's walking buddy and emotional support companion. He needs walk every day to manage his chronic pain, but it is harder to force himself to walk without her.
Anyway, he reached a point in his grieving process that he ready to find a new walking partner.

Anyway, we really have a love for all gundogs, but Mr. Fundog is especially find of English Setters. We could handle either a puppy, or an adult, even one that need rehabilitation from a rough start in life. We don't hunt, so we would be perfect for a dog who is gun shy. If you happen to hear of a gun dog that needs a new home, would you please message me?


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