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Blood-letting a sore throat

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A really good way to take the heat and pain from a sore throat is to take one drop of blood from a spot on your thumbs.
On the outside edge of the thumb, draw an imaginary line (or indent gently with your fingernail) going down the outside edge of the person's thumb nail back towards the knuckle. Then draw another along the base of the thumb nail going towards the outside edge of the finger. Right there, in that very small spot, where the two lines meet in a right angle, is where you prick the skin and draw a drop of blood.

You'll know if you have the right spot because if you've done it on the left thumb, then suddenly the left side of the throat doesn't hurt any more, and of course the same goes if you've done the right thumb.

Just be warned though, if someone's throat is horrifically painful, where it's almost beyond them to even swallow their own spit, then one little prick of the needle will sometimes send a spray of blood about six inches from their thumb as if you've hit a little artery. Most people though, you just squeeze out a little drop to give them relief.

Then, to follow through, you use the herbs that you've chosen to treat the problem that caused the sore throat in the first place.

No different than taking out a splinter......
Also, a fine needle, probably like a diabetic jabber would be the best to use.

Oh yes, if it's not your family, wear gloves, goggles, full body protection or whatever, if you think their blood has greeblies.

No different to taking out a splinter.....
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