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Post Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:35 pm
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Use of marijuana (Cannabis spp) is a violation of United States federal law. The fact that it is legal in some states does not change that fact. Those using marijuana recreationally or medicinally in states where it is legal under state law are still subject to prosecution under federal statute.

Until such a time as federal laws are changed to legalize its use, marijuana will not be discussed on this forum.
Posts in violation of this policy will be deleted.

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I loved the video you made for the Home Medicine Summit. I love the way you run the website too - the way you separate the courses making them more accessible for low incomers and also for finding the subject matter that matters to a student. I think you must be a fantastic person. I don't give a crapper about official credentials. I love everything you say and what I hear about you - your adopting children, the way you honor the earth and animals and the way you go with the flow. Really - you have touched my heart. From everything you do, and I would love to do nearly all the courses. But there is one major point that I hope you can hear me on...

Please reconsider your refusal to allow discussion on cannabis due to it being against federal law. Isn't this tantamount to censorship? What are you worried about - the feds going after someone who spoke about their growing cannabis? Your site taken down? What is the reason you refuse to talk about cannabis? It is true that it could incriminate people who gave certain details, if the fed really wanted to, but what about all the other helpful discussion we could share about cannabis that need not incriminate anyone?

You must know how insane federal law is. Going along with it and not even allowing the mention of it is well, it's cowardly I'm sorry to say. But there you have it. If we want to live in a new paradigm world, one where everyone is free to say whatever they wish, one where penalizations hopefully will also be a thing of the past then we can't be pandering to tyrants who make us feel now that we cannot speak about certain things. I feel so vehement about this - I see the dangers of giving in to tyrants who are now threatening the people with prosecution for merely talking about something. And not just something but something that benefits humanity so much. No sooner will they be breaking down your doorstep because you grow chamomile next month and it competed with a product the pharmaceutical company wanted to come out with. Kow-towing to criminals will sentence us all. Please rethink this policy. I would be happy to discuss it further and convince you that it is dangerous act to do what you are doing, because it further instills self-censorship and goddamn it if we can't live on our own planet without expressing ourselves, start shooting me now. Cause I'm gonna say what I like on the forums and in every forum. Prohibiting of this important plant could have alleviated legions of people's suffering for decades and even cured them. Prohibiting it is nothing short of nefarious. It should be considered shameful to adhere to the threats of such criminality.

I'd love to do your courses but you'll probably kick me off your site which is one of the choices open to you of course. I know we have to pander to the FDA thugs by making disclaimers that this highly beneficial herbs are not passed by that crooked organization. But to have to stop yourself and others from speaking, that's just Orwellian.

Regards. And I do thank you for the work you do. I hope you'll think about my letter carefully. It's very important.


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Actually I think your stance is in direct conflict with my own view on what causes trauma in this world. I notice on another page you want to dictate how people respond on the forum and you openly admit to being a capitalist. Well capitalism is what has made the world so toxic. It was the idea from patriarchy which is an enslaving mentality. You may brush this off as just a feminist anarchist spouting off but you would be wrong - I'm even more sure that patriarchy is the problem in this world and money is the mechanism to keep us all toxic and enslaved. If it weren't for these things, the world would be a peaceful, healthy place and we could all thrive. I hope one day it will be shameful to admit being a capitalist. That day is not here yet but it will come. I hope you will reconsider your ideas, you seem like a reasonable person. But I will look for more open minded places to learn about nature's herbs and medicinals because I don't trust the motive of capitalism.

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Hey Doc,
I just signed up for the Online School of Botanical Medicine and can't wait to get started; thanks to Capitalism, I can do just that! :thumb:
I do look forward to a time when we can discuss this topic and hear your thoughts on the medical uses of this controversial herb.
I suggest to the other poster in this thread perhaps a little less Howard Zinn and a little more Tomas Sowell is in order.? :nod:
"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man.."

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