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Yeast infection on dog

Using Herbs to Treat Animals

Post Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:02 pm

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Google...make your own em1, or.....make lactobacillus. It's been a while, but those two searches seem to bring up some good info. I've never added sugar to the serum to make it shelf stable, I've always put the serum in the fridge without adding a sugar.

I like this site:
This one also seems to have some good info in it.. It looks like there are lots of people talking about it on this site.

With enough digging I imagine you'll come across a couple of pages talking about all the benefits and experiences people have had with it. There were lots of good personal stories I saw when I was looking into it years ago, but I don't recall how or what I was searching for that brought me to those sites. One story that stands out to me is how in Asia somewhere they used it in the community to clean their suburban open waterways. " that really doesn't do the story justice"

I'm on a phone and am limited to the amount of typing and research I'm able to do so it is difficult for me to find these stories to share with everyone as I would prefer to do. So hopefully those google searches will send everyone to some good info.

Also searching for EM1 may bring up some good's a product being sold so there are probably some good stories. But IMO, everyone would be further ahead by making their own. I recall someone saying they looked at the product EM1 under a microscope, and there was nothing alive. So if you make your own you can guarantee that you will have a serum that is alive, active, and functional.


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