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goldendoodle who has a rash (scabby sores) on her back

Using Herbs to Treat Animals

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I have a goldendoodle that has a rash on her back. She has had it for a while. I have switched food and gone grain free. That seems to have helped because she stopped itching, but she still has sores. She doesn't have ear trouble. She has gained 20 pounds, and it seems to me that she may have joint problems because she has trouble getting into the car. She is 7 years old. Any idea?

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Allergies can be frustrating to treat with herbs. In my experience the herbs either work beautifully or not at all in allergy cases. My suspicion is that some the the dogs are allergic to the plants.

I usually use these formulas:

Liver Formula


The liver is the organ that eliminates histamines from the body so stimulating the liver is often helpful in allergy cases. The histamine formula normalizes histamine levels as well.

For the joint issues, this one is great:
Joint Formula

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Thanks! I have been using the liver herbs on her, but I have about decided that it isn't allergies at all. I think maybe she has a skin infection of some kind. I will start using the skin herbs and see if it helps.

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Think about if our BUG BUSTER might fit.

Doc always recommends a diagnosis for things like this.

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