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Well, starting from the beginning, or maybe not

A place to introduce yourself and tell us what your interests and goals are in alternative healing.

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Was recently introduced to this forum, awesome to know and to be able to learn more about herbs, oils, tinctures, etc.

My introduction to alternative medicine: I had to learn an alternative means to take care of my son, the last of 7 children, after he became sick from antibiotics. At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with c-dif and his pediatrician explained to me in a very clear manner that he could not give him anything. He had previously reacted to every antibiotic given to him, up to that point and the last one for an ear infection did it. He is even allergic to Tylenol and that was even earlier.

So, my learning began and I have been doing it on and off ever since. The most powerful reinforcement came to me a couple of years ago, with a very strong impression to "LEARN and FAST" as much as I can and to grow what I could. I recently just had one of those dreams that bug you until you do something and it was about using herbs, but I could not tell the person all of the useful herbs and they left disappointed. That woke me up and so I have to learn more and quickly. Just don't know where to go and how to really make it stick. So I am very grateful to be able to learn from the forum and glean from the information. Thank you, Steve

As I said, I have 7 children ages ranges from mid 30's to 18. I also have 19 grandchildren. I love to learn and do. I like to make things in the kitchen from scratch ( no box mixes , well maybe cake). Raise Brahama Chickens, use simple remedies for them when their tails droop. Have had good results. Recently moved to Rigby area and planning out a vegetable, herb garden along with fruit and nut trees to be planted as funds permit.

Basically, I am a hands on kind of person and have lived in many states and Germany. I have lived in a tent for over 6 months (with children), lived in a primitive camp ground in a travel trailer for over 2 years (again with children), lived in mobile homes, apartments, and even a house or two. Enjoy working with people and learning all different kinds of stuff, but mostly that which I will be able to use to benefit my family or to teach to others.

I have a medical background, was a Basic EMT and instructor(7 years), RPGST (registers sleep tech) gave that job up, my husband said that I was getting cranky, also have worked as an EKG technician. Some of you might understand my caution when it comes to the information put out by medical doctors. LOL Have a BS degree in Education.

In the future I hope to be an Herbalist, um, when I grow up?. I am probably in the same court as some of you, in the fact that I am not rich, so what money I save, goes to gardening to make sure we have food to eat during the year. But, someday, I am going to be able to go to school or the like to learn about alternative methods of healing.

Thanks for letting me introduce my self or at least a brief thought. kc29oct :)

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Welcome aboard.

I've often thought of sending my kids to live in a tent but never thought of joining them. ;)


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