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Post Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:13 am

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Can someone clear this up for me? Apparently chamomile is an Emmenagogue and pregnant women are not supposed to take emmenagogues. However, from what I can find it may not be contraindicated in pregnancy.

Charles W. Kane, in his book, Herbal Medicine trends and traditions, says, "Chamomile is not an emmenagogue per se, but serves to correct imbalances that may lead to suppressed menses. Occasionally menstrual cramps are lessened by the hot tea as well. It is a mild remedy for uterine irritability towards the end of pregnancy."

In the Chamomile Monograph it says "...should not be taken internally during pregnancy..."

In another post here it says, "A few other excellent pregnancy-compatible herbs include: chamomile"

I've tried to track down the information on this but cannot find how it works for or against pregnancy.

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