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Murraya koenigii - curry plant

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Post Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:38 pm

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My family doctor, whose dad was a herbalist in India, suggested that I eat a few leaves (6) a day of the curry plant since I really don't need metformin but maybe could use a little boost.
It has antidiabetic properties apparently.
It is not the same curry as the curry seasoning but it is used as a seasoning.
It's apparently easy enough to grow in a pot and it has to be overwintered inside. Can't tolerate less
than 40 degrees F.
So, after looking around, I gave up on finding one.
Then he said he'd give me one from his plantings and at 750 am one Saturday, he knocked on my door and handed me a small plant! He didn't see me at my usual finest.
Now is that service or what!! :nod:
I pinched back the center stem a little and got one leaf to taste. Nice flavor.

Anyway, its new to me and I wanted to share. Here's a site that I found useful.

Any other thoughts out there?
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Post Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:30 pm

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WOW! The old country doctor making a house call first thing in the morning is an image from a by-gone era, for sure! I think if I had a doctor like that in my town, and he were to ever try to move away, I might consider forming a mob to hold him hostage. :twisted: Okay, not really, but maybe I'd follow him to wherever he moved to! :LOL:

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