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On another thread someone asked what I mean by the term "Clinical Herbalist" and how it relates to other terms such as Master Herbalist etc...

So, some definitions:

1. Clinical Herbalist: One who has the ability to sit down with someone else and impact their life in a positive way using herbs.

2. Professional Herbalist: One who can get the other guy to give him money for doing the above.

3. Master Herbalist: One who has a piece of paper that says Master Herbalist on it. Depending on how the paper was obtained, it may or may not indicate that the person is capable of functioning as #1 or #2.

I'm not personally fond of the term Master Herbalist. To me it suggests that the journey is complete. There are some that would consider me a "Master Herbalist". I prefer the designation G.W.R.L.P. (Guy who really likes plants). When I consider the mountains of information and learning that yet await me in my personal relationship with plant medicines, I find the idea of my having "mastered" herbalism laughable.

Some use the term Herbal Elder which I think is a better description of someone that knows something. It indicates that someone has been at it for awhile and has some experience without suggesting that they are finished learning.

In all my years of sharing information about herbs with others , I have never once walked away from the experience without having learned something wonderful from those I was "teaching". Never once.

My Advice...

Be a perpetual student; ever learning, growing and improving. Don't climb a mountain just to sit on it's peak and hold yourself up as some great one. Go down and explore everything on the other side. Then climb the next mountain. As you go, smooth the path for any that may want to follow so that their journey can be quicker and easier. When they pass you and begin to blaze trails of their own, rejoice and learn from them.


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Doc, that is wonderful. :clap:

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas first.

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Doc, that was an excellent response. I like to call myself a Humble Herbalist. The reason being is, I never want to stop learning, but the knowledge I do have has helped others.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

~ Hippocrates

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