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Post Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:31 pm

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I was studying last night, and in Michael Moore's book, Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West, in the section on Artemisia Ludoviciana (btw, I have a sister named Artemisia, lol) the very last line mentions it has the ability to inhibit intrinsic factor kappa B. (IFKB)

I didn't know what that was, but it sounded important, so I looked it up: IFKB has the ability to turn genes on and off-- particularly the genes for autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory conditions.

This makes Estafiate an excellent choice in systemic anti inflammatory tonics. In addition, inhibiting IFKB can help mitigate or prevent a cytokine storm in those who may be prone to them!

(Naturally, I got super excited when I read these reports!)

So that got me thinking... And wondering.... Could Estafiate also inhibit the release of cytokines IL6 and IL8? If so, could Estafiate potentially be used in conjunction with low doses of Echinacea to both boost immune function while inhibiting a cytokine storm in people with autoimmune diseases? Or would it be moot/ or too risky to try?

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Bumping this, hoping for Doc to respond.
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My guess is that mixing it with Echinacea would be a zero sum. You have choose fire or water.

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