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Local Adaptogens (and Adrenal Fatique)

General discussion of medicinal plants and their use.

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annett wrote:
Ya, I thought they fit the Adaptogens definition that Doc gives, but I wanted to be sure they fit into that category.

Guido Mase' says that Motherwort, Rhodiola, Chocolate (in the raw), and Hawthorn are also Adaptogens. So I'm wondering if that is true.

Thanks for your help.

Yup it's true.

Rhodiola is a really good one. I've beeen playing with Schisandra of late...also good.

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Thank you!

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Doc Jones could you please elaborate on fermented foods.

I believe buttermilk is a fermented food. That reminds me of my elixir:

KD :Kill Diabetes: buttermilk, coconut water, egg, mangoes, red wild salmon

Combine 250 ml each of buttermilk and mango purée, 750 ml coconut water in 2 L jug

Separately Purée 1 can 218 g of red wild salmon with 6 raw eggs

Add salmon/egg purée to buttermilk/mango purée/coconut water and blend into hearty liquid meal


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Very quick internet search yielded this:



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