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Chicken salad - unknown respiratory issues in flock

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I have a rooster who has rattling in his throat. This has been at least for a week now. I have 2 hens who as of today have runny nostrils. They have no other signs of anything. I would like to use herbs first before any meds. These are some of my good breeders.

Below is my chicken salad recipe to hopefully help them recover from their sickness (which I very much hope is not serious nor fatal).

First of all, all my birds have garlic and/or ACV in their water.

"Chicken Salad"
Thyme - respiratory health, antiseptic
Dill - respiratory health
Basil - immune support, mucus membrane health
Bee Balm - aids digestion, respiratory health (not sure I can source this right now)
Oregano - antiseptic/antibiotic
Cilantro - antifungal
Plantain - promotes healing
Comfrey - promotes healing
Crushed chilis - circulation

These are additional ingredients that I might add:
Sage - internal parasites
Lavender - antiseptic
Nasturtium - antibiotic, antiseptic
Calendula - is this antibacterial?
Lemon balm - antibacterial


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Calendula is indeed antibacterial. Lemon balm is antiviral. Dandelions are also antiviral. Do your chickens like dandelions?

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Of course they love dandelions! So do my kids. Now I have a new job for them!

My husband said he will have to pick dandelions at work today because he thinks he is developing a cold. He asked which part would be antiviral. I said most likely all, but right now, leaves & flowers are most likely best.

Co-workers: "What are you doing?"
Him: "Picking my medicine..."

I can't see it happening, though. He hates most salads. :face palm 2:

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Looks like a good salad.

See if they'll eat some elder leaves or berries.


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Are you collecting eggs from these birds? If so, you may notice some of the stronger herbs coming through in the flavor of the eggs. True for milk from ruminants too.

If you live where chaparral grows that is all you need. It kills EVERYTHING! :woot:

If only treating the guy then not an issue at all.

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Collecting some for eating from the hens. Sounds like a naturally pre-flavored omlette. My rooster only lays non edible "eggs". :roll: I have started collecting eggs for one more hatch, so eating the flavored hens' eggs will not be an issue for about 1 1/2 weeks.

We have some milk cows. You are so right on that tainting milk. Ew!

No, certainly no chaparral here.

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